Title Uniform Public Expression Protection Act

UPEPA01 Title TitlePublicExpressionProtectionAntiSLAPP


This [act] may be cited as the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act.

§ 1 comment

Although "SLAPP" — an acronym for "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation" — does not appear in the Act's title, the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act should be considered an anti-SLAPP act.
Although "[t]he paradigm SLAPP is a suit filed by a large developer against environmental activists or a neighborhood association intended to chill the defendants' continued political or legal opposition to the developers' plans," SLAPPs "are by no means limited to environmental issues, nor are the defendants necessarily local organizations with limited resources. Hupp v Freedom Commc'ns, 163 Cal. Rptr. 3d 919, 922 (Cal. Ct. App. 2013).
"[W]hile SLAPP suits 'masquerade as ordinary lawsuits' the conceptual features which reveal them as SLAPP's are that they are generally meritless suits brought by large private interests to deter common citizens from exercising their political or legal rights or to punish them for doing so." Id.